Your college, your identity

Welcome to Imagine Douglas, where we’re asking the college community for your feedback on the Douglas College identity: What it is today. And what you want it to be tomorrow.

To help the discussion along, we’ve posed five questions that will help us focus on what Douglas College is all about.

Please read and consider the questions, then add your voice to the discussion. Don’t be shy! There are no wrong answers here. Just different perspectives.

Your thoughts, ideas and stories will help shape the way we tell the Douglas story to the world. So please – share them.

Use the comment form at the bottom of each page, share your thoughts via Facebook on the right, or join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #imaginedouglas . If you’d prefer to respond privately, just send us an email with your thoughts.

Question #1 : What’s the best thing about our students?

Question #2 : What’s the best thing about our instructors and staff?

Question #3 : What makes you feel good about our college?

Question #4 : What’s your favourite Douglas College moment?

Question #5 : What do you want people to think about Douglas College?

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