Question #3

What makes you feel good about our college?

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12 Responses to Question #3

  1. Cat Adler says:

    Our college offers a wide variety of interesting programs and there is something for everyone. Most importantly, when my students have questions about another program (in another department), they always comment on how helpful everyone is and how easily they managed to get the information they needed.

  2. Teresa Wright says:

    It is a small community and this campus is geared towards making your experience here well -worth the time to attend Douglas. The reputation of the instructors and the programs are a testament to the high level of professionalism, diversity, and standards that are set here at Douglas. It is not a coincidence that many Douglas College grads get hired over other schools because employers know we are expected to work hard and achieve a higher level of excellance in all programs especially those that are career – oriented.

  3. Win says:

    I like the feel of the David Lam Building… it’s right in front of a nice lake.

  4. Roisin says:

    What makes me feel good about the college is all the opportunities for development the college offers, so that when you leave school you have more than just a degree/certificate/diploma. Involvment within college life brings many rewarding experiences and creates a sense of community which helps you achieve personal growth.

  5. Aiko Yao Lim says:

    Whats good about the College starts with students… they are passionate, motivated and eager to learn and educate themselves to achieve greater things… They’re also awesome, supportive and fun to be with! Then the faculty members, who support and guide students and push them to their highest potential… Then in the background, comes the support staffs… Even though some students dont know them or know what they do, they’re still fun even on a super crazy, long, busy day! Then… There’s this whole thing about the Student Ambassadors Program and the Centre for Campus Life and people I’ve met here so far make up as great friends!!!
    Then… finally… people who we dont see often but invest a lot of their time and energy to run the college and keep it going.. and not just going.. they make the College the best College in BC: Senior Management and most of all, Scott McAlpine.. In the last year, I’ve been given an opportunity to work with them and got to know what they do and it’s brilliant how dedicated they are to the College and especially to the students!

  6. lilian says:

    I really enjoy being part of Douglas College because its have a different sources that help me to achieve my goals and also offer you a very friendly enviroment.

  7. Anna Schachner says:

    Douglas College makes me feel good because professors and staff really make an effort to show how much they care. The quote “We don’t care how much you know, until we know how much you care” really holds true with me and it really sines through at Douglas College. There is always someone who can help you, whether it’s preparing for an exam, filing your taxes, getting academic advise, or wanting to volunteer. There are endless opportunities! I am proud to have been a student and now an employee at Douglas College.

  8. Agatha says:

    Like lots of other students I’ve always been the “get in and get out” type. At other post secondary’s I’ve just gone to class and then left the college right after class. When I started at Douglas last Fall it all changed, there was that quality about it that drew me in, I started getting involved in more social activities the school had to offer and by doing so I also met alot of really great people. Along the way I’ve also been fortunate to have some pretty awesome teachers. To be at an academically challenging institution and an amazing social environment makes Douglas a memorable college to be at.

  9. Beau Gabiniewicz says:

    Douglas is intimate and personal. It feels inclusive, and friendly – the offices and staff, the faculty are approachable, and the classes are small enough to feel like anybody can participate and learn. There is a lot of formal and informal discussion.

  10. Artemis Fire says:

    That we provide accessible, supportive, relevant education to diverse people. That we have relationships with the communities around us and provide an alternative to Universities.

  11. Nav says:

    The diversity at the school and how accessible it is.

  12. Mary says:

    People are friendly and helpful!