Word clouds

What Matters to Douglas Students …beyond the basics of friends, family & money?

How do Douglas students see themselves?

What makes students at Douglas anxious?

What do Douglas students need to be happy?

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7 Responses to Word clouds

  1. Qi Zhang says:

    There’s always somebody talking loudly in the library.
    Maybe some reminders should be posted on the wall to let everyone know how to make our library better.

  2. Denny says:

    Campus’s should be more student friendly. More study/recreation areas. I want to do more at school then just eat,study and sit in class/lab. Some rooms with couches and tables for students to chill at after class.

  3. Farhood S.M. says:

    “What Matters to Douglas Students …beyond the basics of friends, family & money? Love, food, God, girls, sex, women, boyfriend”

    The person responsible for this word cloud campaign should resign. The people who hired them should resign. And the people pushing to “re-brand” Douglas College should STFU.

  4. Connie Lee says:

    I got lots of inspiration from my classes

  5. Jaeyong Lee says:

    I think I don’t need to describe Douglas college!
    Just come!!
    And Join us!!!
    I’m sure that you will be satisfied!!!!

  6. Student Anonymous says:

    I agree with denny! the reason why the library ends up being so loud is because its the only actual place with couches !!

  7. Jens Engel says:

    The couches should go and bring in more computer stations. As for loud there was always a librarian to ask who could decide if it was too loud or if someone else was over stressed and more likely to over react to the slightest intrusions. We’ve all done it, we overcome it through focus and knowing the course material well enough to have the knowledge to explain the concept and to express an opinion with reasoning. Yes there was some noise, but never to excess when I was there.