Question #1

What’s the best thing about our students?

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14 Responses to Question #1

  1. Arlene Patko says:

    The students bring perspectives; reflections of our communities.

    • Teresa Wright says:

      Diversity in our student population, be it age, ethnicity, culture, etc. – it brings a variety of experiences and views to the table in class projects especially oral presentations and class discussions.

  2. Win says:

    The greatest thing about the students here are the fact that they share similar inspirations and goals- they are at Douglas to learn or/and advance their career. Most of the people I’ve met here are very friendly and I find that I get along with people just great. Coming from high school, this is a significant change. In high school, many people are there just because “they have to”, so you always run into people you don’t like and are there to simply cause trouble. Conversely, most of the people at Douglas are here to learn or/and to advance their career, so you rarely run into anyone you don’t like and you meet great people here.

    • Win says:

      Additionally, there is a diverse population- you get to meet people from all sorts of backgrounds (i.e. get to know many different people) !

  3. Jess LeForte says:

    Students here are not afraid to be themselves. We’re a highly eclectic, individual group of people who truly enjoy each others’ presence and feed off of the energy and ideas that everybody brings to the table. There’s no judgement, only enthusiasm, and it’s nice to know that there’s so many people in one place that you can trust completely.

  4. lilian says:

    Students at Douglas College rock there are very friendly and the fact that we all come from different background make the best part of that. I does not matter what program you are if you need help they try there best.

  5. Beau Gabiniewicz says:

    The diversity of backgrounds and age in the population at Douglas is dynamic and makes the college experience rich.

  6. Artemis Fire says:

    Our students come together in all their diversity to create a learning community, to support each other, to share their knowledge and experience with each other and their instructors, and then to take what they learn back to their communities to make a difference in the lives of others.

  7. Denise Lumagbas says:

    The students at Douglas College are very supportive. Being much older than many of my fellow students I have never once felt left out, instead I have found great support and friendship.

  8. Laurel Donaldson says:

    Douglas students are awesome! We have elite athletes, musicians, cooks, world travelers, artists, and dancers. They have a myriad of talents and interests. Douglas students are generally positive, and they are interested in personal growth: which is why they are here. Many of our students are mature and avid learners, who think, question and explore!

  9. Keegan says:

    The student body here at Douglas consists of a diverse group of individuals who work cooperatively to achieve a common goal. The atmosphere at Douglas College is great. People are positive, cooperative and supportive.

  10. Drina Rocha says:

    Nursing, Music, Arts, Science, Sports Science – students. From all facets of life walking through the same concourse with the same goal in mind – to become fulfilled.

  11. Mary says:

    Diversity, in terms of ethnicity and age group — having students from all walks of life bring new ideas and solid experience into the same classroom of which most universities lack.