Question #4

What’s your favourite Douglas College moment?

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16 Responses to Question #4

  1. Cheryl-lee Madden says:

    my favourite moment at Douglas was being part of the Hornby Bike Lane group of presenters in SPSC because this group rocks! and are my friends!

  2. Teresa Wright says:

    Being able to experience the Omada Team Building Lab at Trinity Western University this past month. It really brought our CCSD class together in ways that I thought would not happen. It fostered communication, leadership, empathy, sharing, cooperation, mutual respect, and challenged all of us to be more. It was an amazing experience that I hope will be added to the Working with Others class every year. I recommend other instructors in the CFCS Faculty to follow suit – it will bring the Me to the We reality out in your class.

  3. Roisin says:

    My favourite Douglas College moment would have to be being a student leader at New Student Orientation. It was sooooo much fun and rewarding helping new students settle in and making them feel comfortable. An awesome day:)

  4. Win says:

    I enjoyed the numerous laughs I and my students had in some of our classes along with our professors. The smaller class sizes allow greater interaction.

  5. S K says:

    just the environment… there’s always something to do, and someone to talk to. When I feel like things are a bit too much there’s so many places to just relax- and feel purely and simply alive… I don’t know- it’s hard to explain. I guess you just feel like you could do anything. I know there’s a lot of time walking between classes outside- and to feel like your part of something everyone is taking part of is… amazing! Even if studying- which can be a drag- you still have amazing times during those. Perhaps my greatest memories of college so far have been stressing over finals with a group of friends in the dorm or hanging out on campus and getting completely off topic and having a great discussion about everything- but nothing. College is about grades, studying… etc, but it’s really about the experiences you have while there- and that are unique to everyone. It really is the best time of your life… I would just say getting connected with a group, it’s the best thing anyone could probably do to immerse themselves in the college atmosphere.

  6. Michaela Shim says:

    My favourite Douglas College moment was when one day I walked into my early childhood education class and realized, I feel completely at home here. It was comforting to look around and recognize everybody. I respected them and I knew they respected me. I really think the social aspect of school is important, so seeing familiar faces everyday really encourages me to attend my classes. I love the fact that I don’t have to be afraid to make interactions and create new relationships because all of the students at Douglas College are down-to-earth and easy going. Ever since that day, whenever I go to my early childhood education class I feel relaxed because I know I can expect great socializations with my classmates. :)

  7. lilian says:

    I guess one of my favorites part was when I was at clinical lab its was fun.

  8. Anna Schachner says:

    My favorite Douglas College moment was in 2005 when I had to make a softball skills and progressions video for a sport science class (SPSC 1195) instructed by Alan Chin. The entire semester we learned by doing, rather than lecture. The class was always in tears from laughing so hard and it is said that ‘laughing leads to learning”. There were so many inspiring moments, endless laughs, words of wisdom, and skills that will remain with me for the rest of my life. I will always remember the ’1-2-3 Banana Fights’ and how much harder I wanted to work on assignments and study for tests when I knew the instructor really cared about my progress and learning.

  9. George Alexander says:

    Favourite Douglas moment: Finding Tim Hortons

  10. Artemis Fire says:

    Participating in the Coast Salish ceremony where the Child and Youth Care Aboriginal Stream was honoured by being gifted with a Halkomelem name.

  11. Nav says:

    The Olympic torch relay stopping by at DC last February.

  12. Denise Lumagbas says:

    My favorite Douglas College moment was returning to Douglas for the first time after graduating from a program in 1987.

  13. Donna Carol says:

    Walking through the concourse in between my boyfriend and my best friend. Knowing that I met people who have created a significant impact in my life at Douglas gives me a feeling that is indescribable. I am saddened yet grateful for the day that I graduate and leave this school because I’ve created so many memories. Not only has Douglas provided me with knowledge that I’ll carry with me in years to come, it has allowed me to meet and connect with people in a way I would not have imagined.

  14. Drina Rocha says:

    My favorite moment at Douglas is walking into the New West Campus school library on a saturday morning. Absolute peace, quiet, focus. No more than 15 students in there. It felt welcoming, reminscient of your elementary school library when it’s not busy.

  15. Mary says:

    When President McAlpine stepped forward and opened the door for us – that’s a very good example of being friendly and helpful, and treating people as humanly equal!

  16. allie says:

    my fav momnet was back sumer 2010 it was the late summer oriantaion when we played the game biger is better