Question #5

What do you want people to think about Douglas College?

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12 Responses to Question #5

  1. Teresa Wright says:

    People like to think Colleges do not have what a university has – not so.
    Douglas College is giving me the opportunity to be in an intense program that overall prepares me for the work that I want to do with children in the classroom that need support. I strongly feel that the programs at Douglas are unique, designed to bring out the best in you because they ask more of you. Hard work is asked of us here but wouldn’t you want to know that you are given the tools to succeed in the real world and not just in getting a high mark in the classroom.

  2. Roisin says:

    I want people to see Douglas as a close welcoming community. Its important that Douglas is considered different to SFU or UBC because I think gnenerally students are more relaxed coming to Douglas as its a close knit college and isnt intimidating to them.

  3. Win says:

    An awesome stepping stone from high school to university.

  4. Aiko Yao Lim says:

    Douglas College is THE place to be!

  5. Jacey says:

    Douglas College is what you make of it. And so far, it’s been awesome!

  6. lilian says:

    Douglas College offer a variety of programs that students can afford and feel less stress and yet well prepare.

  7. Geoffrey says:

    They have have great variety of classes and excellent professors. It is a great stepping stone to go on and do better things and also a great place to come back and continue your education.

  8. Jenn says:

    I want people to think of Douglas past “Dougie Daycare”. I want them to consider it as a cheaper, closer alternative to the Universities in the area for receiving their post secondary education. Our smaller class sizes with professors who work in the fields they teach offer us a better quality education. I came here with the plan of moving on to University after two years for teaching. As it turns out, because of the courses I took, and the people I met along the wayI found myself on a new, more appropriate career plan. I’m graduating in a month, and couldn’t be happier, or more proud of the experience I got as well as my diploma.

  9. zarka k. says:

    I would like people to think of Douglas College the way us instructors think about what we do, namely that we are here to make a difference in young people’s lives by trying to teach our students how to think, and not just to memorize for grades. I’d like the community to be able to think that we teach for knowledge, and that is what should set us apart from others.

  10. Artemis Fire says:

    That we respect diverse ways of being and knowing. That we have respectful and meaningful relationships with the First Peoples whose land we are working, learning and living on as guests. That the education students get at our college will strengthen them.

  11. Nav says:

    I want people to think of what a wide range of people attend the college and that its a great way to go from high school to university.

  12. Drina Rocha says:

    Your guide to a definite direction.